The Top Ten Places to Visit in Miami’s Design District

Here Are the Top Ten Places to Visit in Miami’s Design District

Have you ever heard of the Kardashians? If not, how about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Just to throw in another name, have you ever heard of George Clooney? To get to the point, one thing that all of these celebrities have in common other than the fact that they are famous is that they have all been and enjoying the pleasures the so-called Design District in Miami. As it is really named Buena Vista in Florida, Design District was created as a small neighborhood/mall that everybody will want to visit just upon hearing it, as you can see by the many celebrities that go there. As one could imagine, Craig Robins Design District is a must when it comes to places to see in Miami, Florida. So, with that said, here are the top ten places to visit in Miami’s Design District.

#10: Perez Art Museum Miami
You do not often think of visiting a museum when the name Design District comes to mind. However, by offering visitors to view local art pieces and exhibits, why not visit a place that has a local touch to it?

#9: The District Miami
Often confused with the actual Design District, the District Miami is a restaurant that is a must visit. It offers its own taste of Miami cuisine for all to enjoy.

#8: Bayside Marketplace
Think of the Bayside Marketplace as a car to an engine, you can’t function without it. Bayside Marketplace is the biggest attraction offering anything and everything you want.

#7: Miami Exotic Auto Racing
You cannot visit Design District without a least thinking of an exotic car, they just fit the place. With that said, Miami Exotic Auto Racing offers the chance to actually drive a car of your dreams.

#6: Buena Vista Bistro
The Buena Vista Bistro is one of if not the most famous place to eat in all of Miami. A proud French food serving business, you can enjoy a unique meal whenever you feel the need to.

#5: Bsweet Coffee Shop
Everyone loves a good coffee shop wherever they go right? In that case, look no further than the Bsweet Coffee Shop in Design District. Serving fresh goodies all day long, it is a comfy spot to enjoy any time of the day.

#4: Jungle Queen
The Jungle Queen is a world-renowned watercraft that leaves in Fort Lauderdale. There are five distinct visits that you can choose from when arranging your outing. A few visits even offer from ship touring enterprises.

#3: Jungle Island
Florida alone has some crazy creatures of its own, try visiting the Jungle Island. You have never experienced a zoo until you have visited Jungle Island.

#2: Opera Gallery
Since the early 1940’s the Opera Gallery in Miami has established workplaces situated all through the world. They endeavor to give what is in best enthusiasm of the gatherer.

#1: Jetboat Miami
In reality, is there a better way to enjoy Miami than on the water? Specifically, you can try it by Jet Ski or parasailing!