The Nation’s Capitol is on Track with LEED Certifications

The nation’s capitol is on track with LEED Certifications; using innovative green technology. Washington, DC, stands high on the list of LEED Certification winners, leading the push for use of green materials. Washington DC is topping the chart of the USGBD (United States Green Building Council) list of “Gold Status achievers. The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington DC, where Yousef Al Otaiba serves as ambassador, is one of these impressive achievements gaining notoriety as an LEED “Gold” status holder.

The city and its environmentally conscientious companies are making strides in changing the way companies build. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building today, is a natural part of world development. Things are ever changing but building methods have grown more aware of the environment.

Just as Washington DC is the capitol of the United States. It is the leader in green construction. Conventional building materials are in smaller supply. Therefore, alternative methods are searched out and used to create profitable and environmentally friendly structures. This capitol city continuously promotes a continuous efforts and dedication to the environment when it comes to constructing energy efficient buildings.

Commitment to an increase in environmentally sustainable buildings is the goal of the nation’s capitol. These buildings provide a higher rental rate and are compatible with other structures. The retrofit of the Arab Embassy has demonstrated the positive impact of efficient lighting, water collection and low flow plumbing. These changes have made a lasting effect on the community. Leading the way to more groups reducing the carbon footprint left by man’s quest for progress, thwarting any damage structural change may have on the environment.

The UAE embassy made a huge step towards environmental change in order to achieve LEED Gold status. People are accustomed to taking from the environment without thinking of the consequences. Now, serious consideration is given to resources used in renovating and constructing government buildings. Green methods are not only building new structures, but also retaining older buildings, without destroying the integrity of past architectural beauty.

Building is a natural part of world development. Things are always changing but building methods have grown more aware of the environment. This difference will help create a new industry and an abundance of jobs, stimulating the economy. Environmentally friendly materials promote the economy. The more people interested in this type of development the healthier the environment becomes.