The Fitbit Force

One of the latest and most interesting pieces of technology to hit the fitness tracking world is the Fitbit Force. This is probably one of the best trackers on the market. One of the perks of this technology is that it comes in both black and navy blue. You will also only need to charge it once per week using a USB cable.

What does the Fitbit Force do?

The Fitbit Force is going to track your daily stats. Also, this is something that can be sync’d with your Smartphone. The data is automatically transferred over to your computer, and from there, you can look at your stats and track your improvement. Another one of the cool things about this technology the milestones. This in itself can be a reason that someone would want to keep going because you want to get the badges that you will get from the Fitbit. In a way, the Fitbit can be a cheap alternative to a personal trainer. The software spins the data into pretty charts when you transfer it over to your computer.

Buzzing at the 10,000 steps mark

If you would like to keep track, another one of the cool things about the Fitbit is that it buzzes when you have walked 10,000 steps in a day. This can be fascinating when you are just going about your day when the wristband starts buzzing to inform you of reaching the milestone.

Sleep tracking

As another cool feature, the Fitbit Force can also track your sleep. This can tell you what kind of sleep you are getting and for how long you are sleeping. With this technology, you can monitor and change your sleep habits because it makes everything crystal clear. The Fitbit Force also comes with a silent alarm that will vibrate to gently wake you up. If you are tired of loud and obnoxious alarms, then it is time you consider this wristband. You can also manually track your blood pressure and food intake with this wristband.

The Fitbit Force is a cool piece of technology. The wristband would make a thoughtful gift to a friend who loves fitness. It could also help you to enjoy fitness more yourself. With the wristband, you find that it becomes an invaluable piece of technology. For those who like statistics to help them set goals and plans, the Fitbit Force will create a huge difference in your workout plan.

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