The Best of the Best New Management Solutions

Verint Systems has been announced as an up and coming leader in this field. The integrated Verint System leads a voice to your customer from the point of contact to the back office. Verint will innovate your company’s business model with product strategy, sales strategy, industry strategy, and geographic strategy by capturing and analyzing customer interactions, sentiments and trends. By utilizing the analysis provided, risk is minimized and processing quality and effectiveness are improved. Imagine using this update information in day to day operations. Verint Systems provides insights for the wants and needs of your company and the market it serves.

NICE Systems is now offering cloud-based operations effective January 2014. The model includes capturing and analyzing customer interactions, sentiments and trends as well as as meeting strong privacy regulations for companies based in the United Kingdom and European Union. NICE is committed to providing maximum impact by analyzing data from multiple sources including from multiple sources, including phone calls, mobile apps, emails, chat, social media, video, and transactions.

Oracle‘s best in class business solutions encompass business management, customer relationship analysis, procurement, finical management, enterprise content, human capital and acceleration. Oracle avoids the one size fits all approach by providing a variety of products for any company even adding industry specific solutions for your needs. Optimized solutions are provided for full stack implementations and have been proven to save capital, reduce integration risks, and improve user productivity.

Why Management Solutions?

Ensuring your company is effectively using available human capital, managing capital, evaluating client needs and forecasting trends is critical to its success. Investing in workforce management solutions will yield a more bountiful and profitable year by analyzing the resources and potential capabilities from within your infrastructure. Whether the business is an fledging upstart, mid-size growing or Fortune 500 company, Verint Systems, NICE Systems and Oracle all provide the necessities to enable every year is better than the last.