Spotlight on a Paperless Process Application

Latista Field mobile enterprise software is making the construction process a whole lot smoother. Latista is transforming the construction industry with a new application, which is saving one tree at a time. With Latista you can say goodbye to the days of solely relying on blueprints and can now track progress and manage a schedule in a much more effective way.

What is Latista?

Latista is a mobile technology, which was originally founded in 2001 and then was acquired by Textura in 2013. Latista increases efficiency with its construction design review methods and field management software. Construction teams can use Latista out on the field to track their progress, see their results, and manage their schedules. Latista is the best way for construction teams to monitor budgets and keep everyone working on the project on the same page.

Unique Aspects to Latista

Latista can help with something as simple as tracking materials on a job site. The app will track what type of equipment a site needs before the project is started and when materials are running low. Rather than having to get material once you realize it has run out, Latista will notify you beforehand. Thus material inventory is constantly updated, so things are replenished quickly and processes are not delayed. Along with materials, Latista can also manage what needs to get done on a job site for each project and how many workers are needed. This is a good way to maintain both the schedule and the budget. Rather than paying for hands that aren’t needed around a construction site, Latista monitors how many people are needed per project.

Case studies prove that Latista has cut production times in half, reduced errors on construction sites, and successfully managed information.  Collaboration is key among any team and Latista enhances collaboration among everyone on the job.