Social media best practices when trying to hire through social media

Social media apps are so common place these days, they are even being used to find jobs by recruiters like Nels Olson. This might sound a bit strange to some of you; but, read on a bit further. By the end of this article you might just see the advantages to doing this.


This suggestion is for those that do not being blatant in their job search. Use Facebook as a channel to advance your search. Put some keywords in as a way to self-advertise. Set up a professional career Facebook account. Many people do this. Do not include this profile in with your personal one.

Let your friends and family know you are looking. Maybe one of them has an insider tip on applying. Maybe one of your friends on Facebook knows of a job opening you’d be perfect for. Do not underestimate the power of Facebook.


The biggest mistake a person can make is by jumping in with both feet. Too many people just jump in and ask directly about job openings. Believe it or not, many people get turned off by this. The best thing you can do is stoke someone’s fires. Engage with the person about your passions. Find out about the company. Ask questions regarding who they are and what they like. The more you use this platform, the better off you will be. Yes, it’s good to ask directly what you are looking for; but, sometimes you need to push through slowly.

Use the social media tools to engage and stay connected. The idea is for your name to keep popping up; but, not in an offensive and distracting way. People who just submit their resumes and bombard with questions, are often times frowned upon. Try something differed. If there is a conversation that an potential boss is having on social media, find a way to get in. Show your passion for it right away. Passion speaks volumes.

When a boss sees a certain name popping up everywhere, this resonates with them. Try it.


Many of us are freelances. Freelances are always looking for work. Use this to your advantage on social media. Do not be ashamed of being unemployed. It costs a person more when they are being dishonest. Do not be afraid to say that you are looking for more work. Only do not overload this incentive. Put your name out there. Let them get in touch with you.

Sometimes waiting for the right job often times makes more of a positive impression, then those who are just settling to make money. The numbers game will not work on social media. In fact, the numbers game will work against you. Keep this mind.


Once you know where you want to be work-wise, be prepared to play the waiting game, even after you play all the right cards on social media. Sometimes you have to bide your time. In the meantime, do your homework. Research the company. This way when they do get in touch with, you will know more than most of their regular staff.