Westfield Labs is Revolutionizing the Mall Shopping Experience

Imagine driving up to the gate of a mall parking garage and the gate recognizes your license and lifts automatically and your cell phone directs you to the nearest available parking space. When you park, you search for the item you want to purchase on your smart phone and your phone shows you options from all of the retailers. You select the item that you like the most and your cell phone guides you directly to that item, where you can quickly select one and make your purchase and be on your way. Does this sound like a fantasy mall shopping experience? It is no longer fantasy. Westland Labs is working on creating the mall of the future and the future is now!

The concept is pretty simple. A mall is compared to a warehouse, where you have a wide variety of options to choose from, all in a central location. You can compare items, just as you would be able to do on Amazon or any other online retailer. The difference is, with a mall, you can touch and view items in person, so you know exactly how soft a t-shirt is or how heavy a sauté pan is. There aren’t any surprises that sometimes occur when you shop exclusively online.

Westland Labs are offering a shopping experience that has the ease of shopping online and the physical retail experience of touching and viewing your items before you leave. With their CollectPlus, a collect service that delivers the merchandise directly to you while you wait comfortably in a lounge, you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding all of your items. The mall does it for you. If you’re shopping for clothes, you can try them on and see if you’re satisfied with the fit and actual appearance before walking out of the mall. If you aren’t satisfied, you can simply return them in the lounge. There’s no need to walk to the originating store to make the return.

If you enjoy the convenience of online shopping, but the tangible experience of retail shopping, Westland Labs is the perfect marriage of the two worlds. They are currently in the process of completing their Westfield World Trade Center in New York City is scheduled to open on August 16, 2016. The future of retail shopping malls is almost here. Are you ready?