Robotics Equipment with Atlantic Diving Supply

Atlantic Diving Supply’s Military-Grade Equipment
After 20 years of working with the United States Navy Seals, one can admit that Atlantic Diving Supply has built quite a portfolio. Led by Jason Wallace, who is the CEO of the company, ADS Inc continues to provide some of the best state-of-art products that are used by the military and civilians.

Their latest editions of some game-changing robotics have been the most exciting part of their offering. These include the highly portable endeavor robotics, aerovironment devices equipped with cameras among many other things, and other tools such as X-Rays, delivery systems, and seabotix.

Endeavor Robotics – 110

These small robots can be used by the first responders, the military, and others to help them get a better overview of the situation at hand. Built to be expandable, they have a small body frame with only 5 pounds and are waterproof to a certain depth.

Endeavor Robotics – 710 Kobra

In comparison to the previous model mentioned, this robot is on the opposite side of the spectrum. Offering capabilities to lift over 330 pounds and reach objects at 11 feet, it is a true upgrade to 110 model. It is also built to handle any rough terrain without losing its mobility and speed.

Aerovironment – Puma AE

Moving to robotics products that are made for air, Puma AE is a waterproof UAS (unmanned aircraft system) that can land on salt water. Military operations that utilize these devices are able to view their target without physically being there, as all of Puma AE devices carry an infrared camera. A wingspan of 9 feet makes for, what seems to be, a flawless design. One can count on utilizing for over 3 hours easily, and fly them as far as 10 miles away.

Aerovironment – Raven

Sharing many characteristics with the previous model described, Raven is a lot better for low-altitude flying. It does not have the range or usage-time anywhere near to the Puma AE device, but it is commonly used in the Armed Forces.

Stratom – Safeflash Grenade Simulator

Moving away from robotics that resemble artificial intelligence, this grenade simulator is one of the most commonly used devices in the military. It is a great tool to facilitate training and many law enforcement agencies have had experience with it.

Besides these, ADS offers dozens of more supplies and it is hard to say that there is anything military-grade that they do not have!