Passing the test – and a physical?

Physicals for CEO candidates is a highly debated topic, but in reality, the issue should not be an issue at all. Each and every business is its own separate entity, meaning they have the right and the ability to choose whoever they want to be running their company. If they choose to hire someone who may have a certain health risk, it is fully up to them to make that decision and do what they want to do. It is absolutely true that there is concern for people that are working for the company, as their jobs and their very lives can be affected if a CEO happens to get sick, or even die. However, it really is up to the discretion of the company who they want to hire as CEO. Mandatory physicals should not be required, although it goes without saying that it is beyond wise for a company to consider having their potential CEO obtain a physical. This will undoubtedly show the company that the man or woman that they are considering hiring is in proper health, which is something that each and every company out there wants. No one wants to hire somebody that is at a severe health risk, although, there are reasons why a company may look past this and hire someone anyway.
Take this example for consideration. Say there is a man or woman who is an absolute specialist and one of the most brilliant people in a certain field, with tons and tons of experience. If they have a health concern and are at some type of risk and were forced to go through a mandatory physical, they may not be able to be hired at the position, even if the company desperately wants to hire them. This would be fundamentally flawed, as the company may need this man or woman to come in for any reason, even to fix the company. On the other hand, the only thing that would make sense in terms of forcing a potential CEO to take a physical would be if the company was still able to hire them, regardless of the results. Executive headhunters and recruiters like Dennis Carey have provided insight into these issues. This would allow the company to take a real look at their candidates and even if there was something that was very wrong with a person’s health, they would still have the ability to go ahead and hire that individual regardless of the situation.