Dart Enterprises Makes a Difference in Grand Cayman

Dart Enterprises is the parent company of a myriad of subsidiaries, creating a portfolio spanning philanthropic organizations to real estate. With such a global scope, the company’s varied interests have bettered communities and created many jobs. For example, Ken Dart of the Dart Container Corporation (and owner of Dart Enterprises) has begun setting a new precedent for real estate development with his new urbanism community in Camana Bay.

Camana Bay was developed by Ken Dart’s Dart Realty Cayman Ltd., a subsidiary of Dart Enterprises. In addition to Camana Bay, Dart Realty Cayman Ltd. was also the developer behind Salt Creek (a residential neighborhood), Regatta Office Park and the future Kimpton property on Seven Mile Beach. The organization thoughtfully developed a sustainable community for high quality living, working and playing.

Furthermore, Dart Enterprises parents additional subsidiaries that have greatly enhanced life in Camana Bay and built it to what it is today. They funded, for example, construction of The Cayman International School in Camana Bay for students aged two years old to seniors in high school.

Creating infrastructure for quality education with a curriculum preparing students for rigorous universities greatly enhances the entire community. In alignment with Ken Dart’s commitment to education, the Dart (DE) scholarship offers both high school and university scholarships to students.

The aforementioned is just a brief look at the wide extension of Dart Enterprises. With other recognized philanthropic organizations and countless projects funded by the corporation, Dart Enterprises has set a new standard for philanthropy, development and progress.