Spotting Stars: Where to Find Celebs in Buena Vist

4 years ago in News
Likewise, Miami is also a particularly appealing place for tourists to spot these celebs. Stars travel to Miami frequently both for work and for leisure, and many even take up residence there. Singers Gloria Estefan,

Best Places for Entertainment and Food in the Caym

4 years ago in News, Technology
The Cayman Island chain is one of the most exotic and inviting destinations in the western Caribbean. Not only is it a hot spot for industrious bankers and investors who take advantage of its financial laws, but it offers some of the most ...

Get Up To Speed on Venture Capital

5 years ago in Education, News
In Texas, there is a program, the Texas Certified Capital Company Program, which provides alternative sources of seed money to companies in Texas. This is an excellent idea on the part of the state for getting involved with this as it is a way ...

Executive Search Firms In The District Of Columbia

5 years ago in News
The greater Washington, D.C., metro area might be one of the most robust employment markets in our country. Add to this the power circles surrounding our political heartbeat, and the beltway takes on a whole new attraction for some of the ...

Passing the test – and a physical?

5 years ago in News
Physicals for CEO candidates is a highly debated topic, but in reality, the issue should not be an issue at all. Each and every business is its own separate entity, meaning they have the right and the ability to choose whoever they want to be ...

Replacements at the executive level

5 years ago in News
Recruiting a CEO and finding a proper successor is something that is absolutely necessary when a person of this status ends up leaving a company, although there is a lengthy networking and interviewing process that must take place before a ...

NY Teen Accepted to All 8 Ivy League Schools Picks

6 years ago in Education, News
The Long Island high school senior who was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools says he is heading to Yale. Kwasi Enin announced his decision during a news conference at William Floyd High School Wednesday with the type of fanfare usually ...