Best Places for Entertainment and Food in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Island chain is one of the most exotic and inviting destinations in the western Caribbean. Not only is it a hot spot for industrious bankers and investors who take advantage of its financial laws, but it offers some of the most exciting vacation and resort areas in the western hemisphere.

This chain of islands has a rich history involving influences from several European and African sources. For five centuries, the Caymans have been a prized destination for travelers, traders, settlers, and missionaries. The people of the Caymans have close cultural ties to places like Cuba and the Bahamas, but maintain a distinct type of independence.

People travelling to the Cayman Islands have many opportunities for entertainment and recreation. The ocean and many beaches provide continual tropical relaxation. The citizens of the Caymans operate a diverse and attractive brand of businesses that are appealing to an international crowd.

Cayman Night life

Grand Cayman is the most developed island in the chain, and has the most talked-about night clubs and tourist destinations. Along the western shore, places like Fidel Murphy’s and Margaritaville Grand Cayman are enjoyed by travelers. Fidel Murphy’s offers comfort foods inspired by continental sources. Margaritaville is a high-energy club offering island cuisine and a fun dance club atmosphere.

Cayman Island Popularity

The Caymans offer a low-key exotic location for celebrities to vacation in Caribbean style. Two of the biggest stars to visit the Caymans are pop music sensation Taylor Swift, and movie legend Tom Cruise. Swift recently made an Instagram spread of her exploits on the islands. Cruise enjoyed a dive trip. Both of these stars express their love for the Caymans because it is a remote vacation spot without typical tourist buzz and the presence of paparazzi. Even former president Jimmy Carter is known to take breaks in the Caymans without disturbance. The fact that A-class stars like these can enjoy a vacation in the Cayman Islands without being interrupted speaks volumes about how remote and pleasant these exotic islands can be.

Tourists wanting to enjoy the full spectrum of Cayman Island hospitality should partition their time between the three main islands. Little Cayman, Grand Cayman, and Cayman Brac each have hotel, restaurant, nightclub, and island adventures worthy of attention. For a Caribbean getaway that is devoid of metropolitan worries like those found in Cuba, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic, the Cayman Islands are a sure destination for relaxation.